By refusing to adopt API in your own company, your business could suffer while the competition gets ahead.

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  • Help your organization understand how an API-centric model can create new and powerful avenues for revenue growth
  • Eliminate negatively impactful data silos by easily integrating disparate applications and connecting departments across the entire organization
  • Have one simple, easy-to-use, no-code API solution for both RPG and non-IBM i developers
  • Quickly replace your EDI with API
A tremendous amount of critical data resides on your legacy systems, and the ability to leverage that data is becoming exceedingly important. Without a good API strategy and reliable, easy-to-use API development and management tools, organizations are missing the opportunity to integrate applications and leverage data properly.

Join the Profound API economy with the easiest way to build, deploy and manage API on the IBM i by downloading this guide today.



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