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Modernize, Accelerate Development; Empower Your Next-Gen Developers

Up to 68% of the world’s production IT workloads are handled by mainframes, yet, this complex, mission-critical platform is being delegated to developers with little or no experience as the more experienced mainframe developers are exiting the workforce.

But for those next-gen developers, when given the modern tools and languages they are familiar with, the mainframe becomes just another platform they can quickly take ownership of.

Thanks to Zowe, an open-source framework for z/OS® from Open Mainframe Project, the mainframe can seamlessly integrate into the modern IT landscape. But without development support, open-source can open your organization to security and compliance risks and time-consuming maintenance.

Enter Rocket® Support for Zowe, where you can adopt modern open-source for z/OS without compromising core mainframe attributes like reliability, availability, serviceability and security.

With Rocket® Support for Zowe, you can:

  • Use modern and secure interfaces next-gen mainframe developers need to do their best work
  • Reduce security and non-compliance risks associated with unsupported open-source software
  • Treat your mainframe like any other platform in your multi-platform DevOps toolchains

Empower your next-gen mainframe developers with tools and languages they’re familiar with and can quickly take ownership of. Modernize and accelerate mainframe development with secure, supported, open-source software with Rocket® Support for Zowe.

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